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Why be passive? Why not let us find your dream woman for you? We can certainly find the woman that you're looking for in that great expanse, which is the former Soviet Union. Here's how it works.

You send us a DETAILED description of your dream woman. For example, let's say you want to find a blonde with blue eyes, between 5'3 and 5'6, slim, fluent English, no children, etc., etc. Then, you send us as much information about yourself as possible. You send us a variety of pictures to give your dream woman an accurate picture of you.

We take this information and submit it to our agents throughout the former Soviet Union. They will submit candidates to us at From Russia With Love Marriage Agency. We will make sure that she fits your criteria and is ALREADY INTERESTED IN YOU. We will then send the final candidates to you for your perusal. We will submit to you a total of 10 candidates. If you are not satisfied with them, we will be happy to submit another 10 candidates.

Should you decide to pursue your relationship with one or more of the ladies of your choice, we will then make arrangement for your trip to visit her in person. The US embassies in the former Soviet Union are VERY STRICT in issuing visas to unmarried young women so your best bet is to visit her in her country. We can help you with invitations, visas, air fare, hotels or apartments and a guide.

The cost for your personalized search is $750. We will begin our search upon receipt of your down payment of $375. The remaining $375 is due upon completion of search.

Prices for invitations, visas, travel arrangements, hotels/apartments, guides, etc are extra and can be quoted per specific request.

Please email us at to start your search.


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