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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are those women real?

A: Of course! All of our women have been personally interviewed by our staff. We update our profiles regularly and can assure you that all of our women are actively looking for a husband.


Q: Could you go over your pricing again?

A: No problem! If you are a member, you have access to all of our services. You are entitled to all contact information available about our beautiful women.


Q: How many women should I write to?

A: Good question! It depends on you. Personally, I decided what age group I was looking for, whether the woman had children or not and then I just browsed. When I saw a picture and profile that I liked, I wrote her a letter. Initially, I wrote to quite a few women. I was very pleased with the response. Eventually, I weeded out the women that didn't make a good impression and wrote to 3 or 4. I called them and then eventually made the trip to Russia. I met with them and found that I liked my future wife the best. I met her in June and we were married in November!


Q:  Is my credit card secure?

A: Absolutely! We use I-Bill, the leading company in the US for credit card transactions.


Q:  How can I contact a woman who doesn't have an email address? She's beautiful but I'm concerned about writing her a letter via snail-mail. How can I make sure that she gets my letter and can write me back?

A: Very easy. We have a mail forwarding service which can get your letter to her within three days. Her letter can get back to you in the same amount of time.


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